“The Teachers’ Show” Opens at August Gallery Hop

“The Way Home” by Jes Reger

We’ll Show Them, Those that Teach, CAN, or “The Teachers’ Show” opens the First Friday of August, August 4, 2017, at Artworks around town, in the Centre Market, 2200 Market Street. Openings are from 5:30-8:00pm. This is the fifth reincarnation of this unusual show. Presented biannually, the idea of the show is to emphasize that teachers can practice what they teach. There is a false, trite and often quoted idea that states, “those that can, work, those that can’t teach.” Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels, especially in the arts.

“Portrait of Alzheimers” by Gina Judy

The arts are so personal as is the training to practice any art form. The arts are attractive to a large group of people because of their ability to soothe and calm the mind and body. When people paint, sculpt, create any art form or play an instrument, their psyche is fed and they are working on an almost meditative level that most people never reach. Time passes quickly and problems and troubles are not forgotten but are superseded by the problems of making the art form as perfect as possible to the creator. Try making a living practicing that idea and experience. Few can make a living at the arts; the rest of us relegate our practice of the arts to a hobby or enjoyable pastime.

“Silver City Birch” by Cecy Rose

The requirements for entry into this exhibition are simple. Any teacher entering the show must have taught children. In its first creation, the show was developed for teachers of elementary through high school because these teachers are thought to not be as good artists as those who teach at a college level. That’s another fallacy. Teachers working at the elementary through high school level have little to no time to work at their own art. Their job requires that they teach their pupils and then forge through a great deal of paperwork.

College level teachers usually have more time to create than do teachers on the elementary to high school level (There is probably a dispute in that statement). And so, the teachers’ show was founded for teachers who could rarely find the time to create and then had no opportunity to display their work.

“Pecking Away” by Jes Reger

The show’s focus has changed. Retired teachers (particularly art teachers) were added. Then, teachers who taught subjects other than art during their teaching careers were added. (The gourd artist who taught math, and the high school English teacher who paints.) Art is often an avocation/hobby for many. Can’t find a job teaching art? Teach chemistry or history or anything to get a job and create in what spare time that can be carved from that busy schedule.

“Graying Mood” by Gina Judy

“The Teachers’ Show” constantly expands and changes. Entries are possible from every media and by teachers from a wide geographic area. Nothing is ever sure about this show. It’s an adventure.

Artist/Teachers or former teachers who will be exhibiting, but not exclusive to include: Cecy Rose, Jes Reger, Janet Hart, Marion Stoltz, Eric Stoltz, Meg Gerosh, Gina Judy, Mary Ann Miller, Jeff Mamone, Lynne Mamone, Jeri DeLong, Bobby Priebe, Bob Sako, Lenora Turbanic, Calvin Matzke, and the exhibition’s founder, Judy Minder, and whomever turns up with art work the last week of July at Artworks.

“Wishes For Spring” by Gina Judy

It’s an adventure, it’s a show, it’s always surprising.

“Fields of Fire” by Jes Reger

In the North Gallery is student work as usual. But this student work is the result of the lessons taught by Artwork Teachers.

The students of Janet Sheehan, Pat Jacobson, Bob Sako, and Greg Siegwart will be shown for the month of August. Both shows in the Studio Gallery and the North Gallery will be displayed until the last week of August.

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