“Change is in the wind”

ARTWORKS around town is pleased to announce “change is in the wind” at the gallery starting in April.  The group is suspending the April Gallery Hop in order to begin giving the whole area a new look.  The Hop schedule will resume once again on May 3rd.  Sounds of hammers and drills will be heard in the gallery for the entire month as members of the co-op reconfigure their space.

ARTWORKS around town has been in its current location for more than 15 years without any major changes in floor plan.  It’s time to move the furniture, so to speak.  Those changes will be made during the month of April.  Some display panels will be dismantled and some moved and all will be painted in a uniform artwork-friendly background color.

Upcoming changes have been studied for several months by artist members committed to bring about a fresh look for their gallery. Newly designed areas will provide for the enhanced use of available space and maximize the display of artwork. The “sweat equity” work will be done by artworks members under the direction of Ken Cox, Jeff Mamone and Michael Turbanic and will proceed in an orderly, progressive manner, so as not to disrupt the daily goings on at the gallery.  All artists will continue to display their work, and sales will continue as usual.  Classes and workshops will be held as scheduled, without pause.

Enhanced use of available space at the gallery is the goal of this change.  The gallery will have a much more open aspect to it, providing for a better interpretation of the space.  The guest artist area, known as the Studio Gallery will be moved, the North Gallery will move as well.  All free standing tri-fold panels will disappear, without losing the number of spaces needed for present artist members and future ones.

ARTWORKS has a system in place for artists who are interested in joining.  An application  is available at the sales desk at ARTWORKS and under the “Documents” tab of our website.  The five page form explains the process by which an applicant is juried as well as responsibilities of membership if accepted.  Samples of the prospective artist’s work must be dropped off at the gallery ten days before the date of jurying.  The jurors meet every three months.  More detailed information is available by calling ARTWORKS at 304-233-7540. Betsy Cox, gallery curator, is head juror.

ARTWORKS around town is a non-profit Gallery and Art Center benefitting artists and the general public of the region.  Located in Wheeling’s Historic Centre Market at 2200 Market St., the hours are 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday except for Fridays when closing is at 6 p.m.

Follow our progress on our Facebook page and on our website: artworksaroundtown.com.  Photos will be provided as work continues throughout the month of April.  Included are some “before” shots.

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