August Gallery Hop to feature the drawings of Doris Jones

Artworks Around Town eagerly awaits the return of one of its own, when artist Doris Jones’ work will be featured in the Studio Gallery during the month of August. The exhibit will be introduced Friday, August 3rd at the Gallery Hop. The opening starts at 5:00 and the evening concludes at 8:00. Artworks is located in the North end of the historic Centre Market at 2200 Market Street in Wheeling. The Hop is free and open to all, and visitors will be treated to refreshments and music, as well as the opportunity to meet the visiting artist.
Doris was a founding member of the Artworks Around Town Gallery and one of its most active participants, frequently offering classes and workshops as well as showcasing her own art in the member’s area of the Gallery. Unlike many of the other Gallery artists, Doris did not grow up in this area. She arrived in the Ohio Valley by a circuitous route. She was born and raised in England and received her art education at the Bromley Art College in Kent. Describing her schooling, she said that the first two years concentrated on drawing which she considers basic to all other forms and representations in art and which is featured in much of her work. The last two years included subjects which might not be so commonly taught at American art schools, such as anatomy and architecture. However, a careful viewing of her pictures might give the observer some idea as to how these disciplines influenced her work. Following her graduation she worked in London as a graphic artist/illustrator for department stores.
A vacation trip to El Paso, Texas to visit a sister proved to be a life changing experience as she never returned to England except to visit. She met and married her husband, moved to Pittsburgh, and subsequently to the Ohio Valley.
Although she identifies drawing as her first love as a medium, Doris also enjoys working in watercolor and pastel, both of which rely heavily on drawing. Describing her technique, she uses a drip pen and India ink and likes to work with different types of paper and pens which she says is, “All fun, to try and give a different look to my work”. She also frequently combines pen and ink with watercolor.
Her work has been exhibited in many local and regional juried shows and earned numerous awards. She was an instructor at Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Center and at Wheeling Jesuit University. Her work is in many private collections as well as permanent collections at Ohio University, Bethany College, Belmont Technical College, and Zanesville Art Museum. She is a member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, and South East Ohio Watercolor Society.
Now a resident of Andover, Ohio, Doris lost no time in involving herself with the art community in that area. She has taught drawing classes in Andover and is currently exhibiting with the Ohio Watercolor Society in the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.
The exhibit in the North Gallery will feature the work of the group “Artists With Disabilities”. It will be curated by Artworks Around Town member Greg Sigwart, who is also an instructor at the Gallery and at the Stifel Fine Arts Center.
Dry weather has caused many gardens, plants and shrubs to look rather wilted and dispirited, but Artworks has just what you need to solve the problem. There are still several of the beautiful, hand painted watering cans available at the Gallery.
Further information is available at the website: or (304)232-7540.

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