Artworks member, Marilyn Phillis, honored

Artworks Around Town is very proud to announce that one of our founding members, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, AWS, NWS, has been honored for her many years of service and innovation to the Ohio Watercolor Society.  At the opening of the OWS Annual Juried Exhibition on November 3rd, in Columbus, Marilyn received the Jim Brower Lifetime Achievement Award from the society which included a beautifully engraved glass plaque.

Marilyn was a founding member of the Ohio Watercolor Society and has been a board member for the past 34 years.  She recently decided to step down from that position, siting numerous personal reasons, among them, the desire to allow younger members to step in and add fresh ideas and energy to the organization.

During her long tenure with the society, Marilyn served for 6 years as its President.  One of her many accomplishments while leading the OWS was organizing a unique national seminar which attracted artists from 26 states and lasted for 7 sessions.  Of this seminar Marilyn says, “It was a great time of learning for all, and out of that, came some experiences which were times of growth for other state organizations and individual artists.”

Anyone who knows Marilyn knows that receiving such a prestigious award only begins to acknowledge the lifetime of contributions that she has made to the arts.  Congratulations Marilyn!  It is an honor to have you as a founding member of Artworks.


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