2nd Annual “Pat Temple” Flower Show Opens February 1st

It is with very sad hearts that the artists of Artworks Around Town gather on February 1, to honor the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Pat Temple. Pat passed away early Monday morning, January 28. A special moment will be observed during the gallery hop to reflect on Pat and the influence she has had on all of us. Even during her illness Pat displayed the positive, matter-of-fact personality that we have all come to know and love. Pat was a leader and mentor to all of us and her beaming face will forever be missed. While her physical presence will no longer be with us, her love of the arts, the written word, nature and life will continue to be a part of our “family” and she will always have an influence on the work that we do. Words do not express the void that the loss of Pat has left in all of our lives. Rest in peace our dear friend.

And now, as Pat herself would have put it, we must carry on . . .

Spring is here! Yes, it is, right here in Wheeling at Artworks Around Town in the Centre Market. The Second Annual Pat Temple Flower Show is displaying its colorful flowers for the month of February to brighten your gray winter days. As usual, the gallery hop is on the first Friday of the month, February 1st, from 5:30 to 8PM at Artworks Around Town, 2200 Market Street. The hop is free, open to the public and light refreshments are provided.

The idea of a bright colorful flower show was the brainchild of Pat Temple, long time Artworks member and prolific photographer. She believed that members of Artworks and their friends, associates, and students could create a collection of colorful floral artwork to exhibit and scare away those winter blues for all of us.

Pat was never a “professional” photographer, but her hobby has turned into an artistic endeavor as she traveled the world. In the past her travels were with her husband and often with her children and friends. Camping throughout the world, she was able to explore the countries she visited on a more intimate basis, which is often reflected in her character filled photographs.

Pat was a public school teacher in the Ohio County school system. She taught English which has helped her in later life to write excellent, clever and intelligent publicity for Artworks Around Town. Ever generous with her time, ideas, and opinions, Pat has contributed much to help Artworks with a variety of projects, lending her valuable time to help other members when they had difficulty fulfilling their obligations towards the Artworks organization.

At 92, Pat was filled with tons of ideas for projects, thus this Flower Show. She was perceptive and seemed to instinctively know what people enjoy and want to see. An avid nature lover, Pat had belonged to the Schrader Nature Center board and numerous committees over the years. She enjoyed bird watching and the annual bird count.

If you want the truth, Pat never minced words and told you the plain truth. She was fearless and was ever willing to voice her opinions. Her knowledge was varied and vast and honored by her colleagues in the artistic and photographic local community.

This year’s second annual Artworks Flower Show will feature the work of many artist members including Liz Neumann, Janet Rodriquez, Lenora Turbanic, Cheryl Joseph, Robert Sako, Anne Foreman, Sharon Hanse, Sandi Ziolkowski, Betsy Cox, Jeff Mamone, Lynne Mamone and others, including some associates and students of Artworks such as Jody Wharton and Judy Minder.

The show is presented to bring some light and color into the viewer’s lives in these colorless days. Come and enjoy the art. Talk to the member artists, photographers, and craftspeople. On February 1st the lights will be on, delectable snacks will be served. Lively conversation and beautiful works of art will be at Artworks Around Town for your pleasure and anti-winter depression purposes. Pat Temple and Artworks members offer this show as an anti-winter blues remedy and gift to you.

In the North Gallery for the month of February the artwork of the students of the Lyceum Academy, under the direction of art teacher, Georgette Stock, will be on display.

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