Pic of the Week

Each week a different piece of art created by an ARTWORKS around town artist will be selected, and featured, in this “Pic of the Week” section.

Bev West’s panel at ARTWORKS around town is always full of unique, meticulously woven three-dimensional artwork.  From decorative, imaginative wall hangings to practical items such as “mug rugs”, all her work shows a devotion to precision.  This piece is called “Ladies Night”. See all of Bev’s woven works at ARTWORKS around town located in Wheeling’s historic Centre Market.

Janet Sheehan’s watercolors evoke moods that take the viewer into the scenes she paints.  Her work includes plein air pieces as well as still lifes.  This watercolor is titled “Irish Idyll” and beckons us to visit this peaceful summer scene in Ireland.  Janet displays her originals at Artworks as well as offering prints and notecards for purchase.  Visit her works at the gallery in Wheeling’s historic Centre Market.

Meet Mariah, an original watercolor by Anne Foreman with a new spin. She wears a collar of genuine antique lace and a string of tiny Swarovski glass pearls. Mariah is part of “Just Us Girls” now at Artworks. The series is a reminder of gentler times. She is in a white frame and is priced at $65 (size 11×14”).

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