Cheryl Harshman and Christine Rhodes Highlight the November Gallery Hop

Cheryl Harshman 1

Cheryl Harshman 1

Innovation, inventiveness, strong impressions and positive attitudes are exuded by the works of two unassuming women artists who have each produced a very strong body of work. These award-winning women have studied hard and gathered their inspiration from fellow artists and their immediate surroundings. They have a strong work ethic, which is defined through their work. Each has worked hard to make progress in their respective fields. Their new works are being shown at the November 1st, First Friday “Gallery Hop” opening at Artworks around town. The gallery hop runs from 5 to 8 and is open to the public. Artworks around town is located in the Historic Wheeling Centre Market, at 2200 Market Street. Ms. Harshman and Ms. Rhodes, as well as many of the Artworks’ artists, will be present to meet the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Cheryl Harshman started with a needle and thread and now produces large abstract, colorfully strong pieces which represents her ideas of “putting puzzle pieces together and exploring the ‘what ifs’ of creation and the thrill of that creating.” Emerging from a long line of craftspeople, brick masons, fiber artists, painters, potters, and gardeners, Cheryl has crafted her own way of making her individual “things”.

Cheryl Harshman 2

Cheryl Harshman 2

After taking a clay monoprint workshop with Mitch Lyons, Cheryl realized her creative life had changed. Her prints, combined with her collage and painting has pushed her work into new areas of exploration. Each stitch, each mark, each brush stroke she makes, changes the work and moves it in a new and different direction. Cheryl’s work is ever progressing and changing.



Christine Rhodes, from Parkersburg, is another West Virginia artist that is influenced by her surroundings and expresses her interest in nature in her experimental and strong work. Recent works exude a powerful force from this diminutive five-foot frame and quiet demeanor, which has been influenced by nature’s rocks, water, and words. Influenced by a recent trip to Colorado in 2011, in whose Rocky Mountains, boulder lined canyons and rushing mountain streams, Christine found other abstract subjects for her mixed media approach. Rocks and water took on new meaning for this artist. Sometimes a word describing the scene resulted in a new body of work, a personal interpretation of the power, strength, and majesty of creation.



These two women are their own forces of nature. Their interpretations of nature and its power need to be seen to be appreciated. These women are original, strong artists with stories to tell in their work. The work is exceptional, new, and original and will be a feast for your senses.

The North Gallery, our student gallery, will feature the students of Shauna Benson from Union Local Elementary School. Shauna’s students create the most refreshing artwork. This school’s work is a perennial treat.

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Judy Anderson and Kit Dailey Bring Whimsy & Mindscapes to September Gallery Hop

Mother Earth Finishing Eden - Anderson

Mother Earth Finishing Eden – Anderson

First Friday at Artworks Around Town presents a duo of joyous painters from Ohio.  Kathryn “Kit” Edwards Dailey and Judy Anderson bring fun, color, design and bright light to the Studio Gallery at 2200 Market Street in Historic Wheeling’s Centre Market.  The opening reception will run from 5 to 8 PM this Friday, September 6th.  The public is invited and light refreshments will be served.  The gallery show artists will be present as will many of the Artworks artists.

Kathryn “Kit” Edwards Dailey has turned whimsy into gold.  Her watercolor or casein paintings are filled with joy, love and humor.  “Plaid Cow Disease” was chosen for the Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition.  “Cow Out” won first place in the mixed media division of the Foothills Art Festival.  Kit is a painter who gifts you, the viewer with a moment of happiness from viewing her artwork.  Even her titles elicit a smile before the painting is fully comprehended.

Plaid Cow Disease - Dailey

Plaid Cow Disease – Dailey

This well educated and trained artist calls herself a “what if” painter not a “what is” painter.  She tells whimsical stories using her watercolors, casein or acrylics on Arches paper or gallery wrapped canvases.  Trained as a teacher at Miami University, she has combined her teaching career with her family’s frequent moves as an opportunity to further her training in her art.  Kit attended classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design and Ohio University through the years.  Then she began to study with some of the most prominent art teachers and art workshop leaders in Ohio.

Judy Anderson’s paintings are bright, beautiful, and full of exuberance.  This artist started her artistic life at the age of seven and continued over the years to pursue her artistic career through all the vicissitudes of life.  When her children were small, she drew with pen and ink.  When her husband was ill, she painted for four or five hours after her care giving duties were finished for the day. She never gave up her art, always adapted her work to her situation in life.

Judy sees herself as an “expressionist”.  Her work is self-described as “mindscapes”.  She uses her surroundings as inspiration only.  The surroundings are a resource for her work, not a religion to be followed strictly. There is no angst in her work.  Judy states, “Paintings are like children, some are easier to raise than others.  All artwork requires orchestration, discipline, and love to turn out well.”

Fan Dance - Anderson

Fan Dance – Anderson

Her illustration career has given her an insight into what is most appealing to the general public and what can elicit a positive reaction from most people. Working in acrylic on canvas, or gouache (opaque watercolors) on paper her goal is to create works of art that evoke a warm lasting response from the viewer.

To make this “First Friday’s” viewing experience even better, the North Gallery will be filled with plein air paintings from this year’s “Paint Historic Wheeling” and also the past seven “Paint Oglebay” events.  The Artworks artists will be showing the best of their plein air work.  The term, plein air means to paint outside in the open air.  This form of painting is difficult to accomplish.  Only the bravest painters take on plein air painting. The results can be both unusual and stunning.

Pleasant Pheasant II - Dailey

Pleasant Pheasant II – Dailey

Be assured that this show will bring a smile to the face and joy to the heart.  Viewers will have warm happy feelings after seeing this show.  Again, the monthly gallery hop shows at Artworks are free and open to the public.  Indulge yourself in an “art bubble of happiness” on Friday night, Sept. 6th at Artwork Around Town.

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July Gallery Hop to Feature Works of Georgia Dangel and Greg Siegwart

Precision and detail are the hallmark of both the featured July artists, Georgia Dangel and Greg Siegwart, at Artworks Around Town in the Centre Market. The newest opening will be July 5th at the gallery at 2200 Market Street inside the Centre Market. Light refreshments will be provided by the members of the artist co-op for the attendees to enjoy. This is going to be a “cracker jack of a show”. Creativity and painting have been a part of the lives of each of these painters’ families in the past.

Georgia Dangel and Greg Siegwart are both artist members of Artworks Around Town. Both are art teachers and both work in oil and acrylic. There is some similarity in their artwork. Their palettes are similar. A “palette,” in artist terms, means that an artist uses the same set of limited colors over and over in their work. Although Georgia and Greg have similar palettes, their work is not that similar. Georgia tends more toward portraits in almost photographic detail and still lifes in complex detail. Greg is an accomplish plein aire (open air) artist in oil. It is no small feat creating an artwork in one sitting with changing light and arrangement throughout the sitting. Add working in oil paint, which dries very slowly, and you have an admirable and rare skill.

Georgia’s family has a history of supporting her as an artist. Georgia started initially with tote painting in the early 1980s. Later she took Bob Ross classes and learned to mat and frame. By 1993 she was painting on glass for a local glass factory. After the factory closed, Georgia still painted glass and showed that glass, as well as kiln fired glass, lamps, crocks, china, jewelry, and painting at many area artisan shows. She has continued her education as a painter taking many workshops and always trying to improve her technique and style.

Winning a variety of awards in local juried shows, Georgia has earned three Best of Shows (a rare award) including numerous first, second, and third places, and honorable mentions throughout her career. Georgia has a history of teaching adult evening classes at Belmont Technical College, and now, teaching younger students in her studio. She has published a book, Speaking of Art, Artbook I, as well as pamphlets and an article in the “Interactive Artist Magazine” on quilt barns, the quilt squares on barns around the country. She is currently vice-president of the Great Lake Region Artist Group, a member of Monroe Artist, Monroe County, Ohio and Artworks Around Town.

Greg’s great-grandfather, Joshif Siegwart, a Swiss immigrant, painted and inspired Greg to paint as well. Greg loved to oil paint by age 10. Forty years later his experience with oil as a self-taught artist is phenomenal. Oil painting would have remained a hobby had it not been for a debilitating accident in 2000. After that accident, oil painting became a therapy, a vocation, and a talent to share with others. He has been teaching at both the Stifel Fine Arts Center and at Artworks Around Town for the past six years.

Greg has given workshops and demonstrations at The Mon Valley Art Center, Steppingstones Arts Festival, Stonewall Jackson Resort and many others venues. His commission pieces have included portraits, still lifes, wildlife, animal portraits, landscapes, fantasies, and surreal pieces. Greg is one of the only surreal painters in the area. His surrealism is complex and interesting to interpret.

If you like oil painting, you’ll like this show. If you like detail in painting, you’ll like this show. If you like beautifully rendered subjects in almost any subject area, you are going to find this show a real treat, “a cracker jack” sweet show.

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Sesquicentennial Celebration features West Virginia Artists on June 7th

To celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the statehood of West Virginia, Artworks Around Town, located at 2200 Market Street in the Centre Market, has created a once in a lifetime show of six celebrated West Virginia artists. As always, the opening of this show is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.Coke Ovens in Production

Marilyn Hughey Phillis, curator of gallery shows at Artworks created this celebratory show to display the work of West Virginia artists and remind the public of the rich history of arts in West Virginia. The show includes Anne H. Foreman, Susan Poffenbarger, Pat Roberts, Robert Wren Smith, Brian Taylor, and Linda J.C. Turner. All these artists are award winners and honored for their individual skill in their chosen mediums including watercolor, acrylics, oil, and mixed media assemblage.

Local artists included in the show are Anne Hazlett Foreman and Brian V. Taylor, both members of Artworks. Anne Hazlett Foreman, well known as an acrylic artist who has illustrated a number of local history books, is also well known for her numerous paintings of dogs and other animals, including cats and birds. Anne is an active reinactor with the Fort Henry Days celebration and other local historical events. She graduated from Mt. deChantal Academy and from Chatham College with an excellent command of her choice of medium whether acrylic or watercolor. Anne has created numerous murals of local history which are displayed at Wilson Lodge in Oglebay Park and at the Artwork’s gallery in the Centre Market.

Brian TaylorBrian V. Taylor, also an active member of Artworks Around Town, is a self-taught late developing artist. He completed 13 lessons in pencil and ink with the 12 Famous Artists Course, but was never able to finish the remaining art lesson in 1957. Never daunted, Brian, in 2002, once again entered a correspondence school of art, the Stratford Career Institute, and completed the courses with high honors. Later in 2002, Brian was juried into Artworks. Brian works mainly in acrylic to create mostly landscapes of dramatic beauty. Taylor strongly believes that the artist in his soul will create his artistic character and destiny, according to the vision of the beauty of the Eternal Mind.

From other parts of WV are Linda J.C. Turner, of Jane Lew, a superb watercolorist, Susan Poffenbarger of Charleston, the well-know landscape artist, Pat Roberts mainly a watercolorist who incorporates every medium possible into her work with her “Coal Series” documenting the history of WV coal mining, and Robert Wren Smith, of Vienna, WV who creates superb landscapes, portraits and still life.

Robert Wren Smith is a well schooled and creative watercolorist with numerous prizes and awards from various West Virginia art shows. His boyhood to adulthood love of sketching has continued to develop his skill along with his many courses of study at the Cincinnati Art Academy, Marietta College, and WVU at Parkersburg, where he now teaches. Smith’s current interest is in character studies of people, not the “beautiful people”, but the people with character in their faces.Robert Wren Smith

Robert Wren Smith is always looking for lighting that enhances or presents a dramatic effect regardless of the subject. He believes he improved greatly as an artist once he began to understand the real beauty of light and color. Painting and drawing have always been part of his life’s work and given him a greater understanding of our environment and God’s great creations.

Pat Roberts, daughter of a coal miner, is trying to recreate some of the history of the coal mines and towns that surrounded those mines. She is relying on her skill as a master of many mediums to create this West Virginia Coal Mine Series. She and her husband and four children have backpacked the area of the New River Gorge Canyon to view old coal tipples and the remaining evidence of the coal mining communities in the area of Caperton, Thurmond, Beury and Mann’s Creek.
Typical Hillside Tipple
Linda J.C. Turner is a nationally recognized artist who has been awarded numerous awards for her watercolors in shows in West Virginia and elsewhere.
She has received awards from both the National Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society. Throughout her career as artist, illustrator, teacher and business woman, Linda has created watercolors that have been exhibited in many nationally juried exhibitions. Her works of art are included in permanent collection at the West Virginia Development Office in the Capitol in Charleston and in the collection of the University of Charleston in its Woman Artists of West Virginia Collection.

Susan Poffenbarger has provided little information of her work other than some lovely photos of her superb landscapes. She is a Charleston resident and is well known in southern WV for her works which highlight the loveliness of the West Virginia landscape. Her pastels are often devoid of humans but filled with a tenderness and touch of an artist captivated by her surroundings.
Can Can Trees
This show represents the variety and skill of some of West Virginia’s many fine artists. They are merely a small group who are representing the deep cultural heritage of West Virginia which is filled with a long history of dedicated and talented artists.

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May Gallery Hop to Feature Photographers Len Smith and Guilio Cappelletti

The popularity of Photography as a hobby has sky-rocketed since the introduction of the digital camera. Everyone can take a successful photo since the advent of “automatic”. But what happens when the novice ventures beyond the point-and-shoot world that we live in today? A mystery unfolds. A mystery that becomes less and less mysterious through the introduction of knowledge. When the novice obtains that knowledge, through study, research, experimentation and experience he or she rises above the mundane. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. The novice becomes an artist, able to control the camera to create the image that the mind sees. Having the ability to create what you envision and not be bound by the limitations of what the camera chooses to set for an exposure frees the artist to interpret a mood. When snapshots are elevated to images of art, the novice is no longer a hobbyist, but rather an artist. Photography, as a fine art, will be presented to the public at the “First Friday” gallery hop opening at Artworks Around Town on May 3rd. The works of fine art photographers Len Smith and Guilio Cappelletti will be displayed at Artworks Around Town in the Centre Market of Wheeling. The gallery hop opening is from 5:30 to 8:00 in the evening. Light refreshments will be served and the public is warmly invited to attend. Please join us to meet and talk with these two photographers as well as other Artworks artist members.

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13th Annual Student Art Show of Excellence Opens April 5th

The 13th Annual Student Art Show of Excellence opens on Friday, April 5th at Artworks Around Town, located at 2200 Market Street in Wheeling’s Centre Market. The Student Art Show honors and rewards local student artists in grades three through eight. The winning students receive a money award, a personalized certificate, and a ribbon. Every participant receives a “ribbon of commendation”. The opening begins at 5:30 and continues until 8PM. The public is invited and light refreshments will be served.

It is quite apparent why the Student Art Show of Excellence continues from year to year. It is because of the young children it touches and how these students are changed when they are recognized and treated as the true artists that they are, no matter what their age. This is further reinforced by the many donors and ribbon/award sponsors that the show is lucky enough to have supporting the student’s artistic efforts.

The majority of prize money for the show is donated by private citizens who support Artworks’ mission and ideas about young artists. This year’s show will be judged by William Hooker and Calvin Matzke.

Schools which have participated in previous years include St. Vincent de Paul, St. Michael Parish School, Corpus Christi School, St. Mary Central in Martins Ferry, Wheeling Middle School, Triadelphia Middle School, Steenrod Elementary, Middle Creek Elementary, Moundsville Middle School, Bridgeport Middle School, Shadyside Middle and Junior High, Mt. de Chantal and now the Lyceum Academy, the Linsly School, the Children’s Home of Wheeling, Sherrard Middle School, Union Local Elementary, Barnesville Middle School, Martins Ferry Elementary, the Cat’s Paw Studio, and Woodsdale School.

This year’s show has expanded into Wetzel County and includes more Ohio County Public Schools. There are 61 awards this year, and with the continued financial help of donors and the local artistic community, The Student Art Show of Excellence hopes to expand and honor many more budding young artists in coming years.

Questions, comments, and/or donor information should be directed to Judy Minder at 304-233-0780 or

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2nd Annual “Pat Temple” Flower Show Opens February 1st

It is with very sad hearts that the artists of Artworks Around Town gather on February 1, to honor the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Pat Temple. Pat passed away early Monday morning, January 28. A special moment will be observed during the gallery hop to reflect on Pat and the influence she has had on all of us. Even during her illness Pat displayed the positive, matter-of-fact personality that we have all come to know and love. Pat was a leader and mentor to all of us and her beaming face will forever be missed. While her physical presence will no longer be with us, her love of the arts, the written word, nature and life will continue to be a part of our “family” and she will always have an influence on the work that we do. Words do not express the void that the loss of Pat has left in all of our lives. Rest in peace our dear friend.

And now, as Pat herself would have put it, we must carry on . . .

Spring is here! Yes, it is, right here in Wheeling at Artworks Around Town in the Centre Market. The Second Annual Pat Temple Flower Show is displaying its colorful flowers for the month of February to brighten your gray winter days. As usual, the gallery hop is on the first Friday of the month, February 1st, from 5:30 to 8PM at Artworks Around Town, 2200 Market Street. The hop is free, open to the public and light refreshments are provided.

The idea of a bright colorful flower show was the brainchild of Pat Temple, long time Artworks member and prolific photographer. She believed that members of Artworks and their friends, associates, and students could create a collection of colorful floral artwork to exhibit and scare away those winter blues for all of us.

Pat was never a “professional” photographer, but her hobby has turned into an artistic endeavor as she traveled the world. In the past her travels were with her husband and often with her children and friends. Camping throughout the world, she was able to explore the countries she visited on a more intimate basis, which is often reflected in her character filled photographs.

Pat was a public school teacher in the Ohio County school system. She taught English which has helped her in later life to write excellent, clever and intelligent publicity for Artworks Around Town. Ever generous with her time, ideas, and opinions, Pat has contributed much to help Artworks with a variety of projects, lending her valuable time to help other members when they had difficulty fulfilling their obligations towards the Artworks organization.

At 92, Pat was filled with tons of ideas for projects, thus this Flower Show. She was perceptive and seemed to instinctively know what people enjoy and want to see. An avid nature lover, Pat had belonged to the Schrader Nature Center board and numerous committees over the years. She enjoyed bird watching and the annual bird count.

If you want the truth, Pat never minced words and told you the plain truth. She was fearless and was ever willing to voice her opinions. Her knowledge was varied and vast and honored by her colleagues in the artistic and photographic local community.

This year’s second annual Artworks Flower Show will feature the work of many artist members including Liz Neumann, Janet Rodriquez, Lenora Turbanic, Cheryl Joseph, Robert Sako, Anne Foreman, Sharon Hanse, Sandi Ziolkowski, Betsy Cox, Jeff Mamone, Lynne Mamone and others, including some associates and students of Artworks such as Jody Wharton and Judy Minder.

The show is presented to bring some light and color into the viewer’s lives in these colorless days. Come and enjoy the art. Talk to the member artists, photographers, and craftspeople. On February 1st the lights will be on, delectable snacks will be served. Lively conversation and beautiful works of art will be at Artworks Around Town for your pleasure and anti-winter depression purposes. Pat Temple and Artworks members offer this show as an anti-winter blues remedy and gift to you.

In the North Gallery for the month of February the artwork of the students of the Lyceum Academy, under the direction of art teacher, Georgette Stock, will be on display.

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3rd Friday continues of January 18th

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December Gallery Hop to Feature 2012 New Members

The December gallery hop at Artworks Around Town will feature new associate members for the year 2012. The new members are Patricia Croft, Sarah Henwood and Joan Stamp. The show will include works from existing members as well. The Student Gallery will feature the work of students from the Martins Ferry Elementary and Middle schools, taught by Natalie Zambori. An open reception for the public will be held on Friday evening, December 7th from 5:00 to 8:00 in the gallery to meet the artists and view their work. Hors d’oeuvres and appetizers will be served.

While working through AmeriCorps, Patricia Croft and her husband Andrew relocated from Rhode Island to Wheeling in late 2009. Patricia holds a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has completed numerous murals and commissions in the area. In addition, she has exhibited her work in Pittsburgh, Wheeling, as well as multiple venues in Rhode Island. Included in her repertoire are a variety of miscellaneous crafts (such as recycling old t-shirts into rugs, bags, ponchos, wine holders, etc.), murals, and crocheting. She also loves being involved with children and is the current director of the Wheeling Children’s Museum.

Sarah Emily Henwood, a fantasy artist originally from Jacksonville, Florida, joined Artworks Around Town in June of this year. Having been raised in a creative family, the open-mindedness of the fantasy genre has always appealed to, and inspired her. Much of her adult life was spent in Jersey City. It was there, as a high school student, that she was able to attend classes offered for young artists at NJCU, Newark Museum of Art, and F.I.T in NYC. With those few classes aside, most of her technique with acrylic is self-taught and constantly being honed. “It’s not like riding a bike. You have to constantly push yourself to improve and remember what you have learned…and as an artist, you are NEVER done learning.”

Far from the fledgling artist she once was, her art has been experienced by viewers at galleries all along the east coast and, in 2006, she was nominated by her piers as “Best New Fantasy Artist” for her small format work on eBay.

While Sarah does create many traditional mythological creatures, with her own spin of course, a lot of her modern subjects come from her own unique mental universe. A colorful combination of beauty, surreality, and sensuality give her work a mysticism all its own. The following comment on Sarah’s work was also found in The Hudson Current. “Her almost Gothic yet romantic portraits beautifully capture creatures of legend and mythology…”

Sarah currently resides in Adena, Ohio with her favorite creation, her son Robbie, and his wonderful father.

Creativity has always been very satisfying to Wheeling artist, Joan Stamp. Over the years she has worked and experimented with various mediums of arts and crafts, including throwing pottery, quilting, cross stitch, watercolor, oils and teaching needlepoint. Beading allowed her to combine an interest in fashion and accessorizing, thus creating one of a kind jewelry for herself. The pieces she makes are materials and designs unavailable in retail stores. Joan has been beading for about 6 years and, at the encouragement of her interior designer, began her business and selling her designs.

Joan’s work uses high quality materials that include semiprecious stones, pearls, and fine metals gathered throughout her travels across the country and abroad. Mixing textures and colors, as well as natural elements with man-made silver and gold pieces, such as Hill Tribe silver, she seeks to create fashion forward pieces with unexpected detail. In many of her pieces she explores asymmetry, which adds a unique and elegant flair to even the simplest design. It gives her great pleasure not only to create the pieces but also to see her customers wearing and enjoying them.

ARTWORKS around town is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization that operates a Gallery and Art Center for the benefit of the artists and general public of the region. ARTWORKS around town’s Mission is to: promote and encourage public interest in support of the arts, offer quality arts programming for all ages, and provide opportunities to display art work in a gallery setting for students of art as well as for accomplished artists in the local community and the region. The Gallery and Art Center is operated by The Board of Directors with assistance from artist associates and other volunteers from the local community and region. It depends for its financial support primarily on contributions, gifts and grants.

Artists may apply to be juried for exhibiting in the gallery. Through this jury process the Board of Directors considers artistic merit, content and craftsmanship as well as the applicant’s resonance with the Mission of the Gallery and Art Center, and the availability of space. The next jury for membership will be January 12th.

As a special feature, artists whose works are on display are found in the gallery as guides, providing interaction with visitors, and often opportunities to watch the creative process. These artist associates also support the mission of ARTWORKS around town by volunteering to help with office work and maintenance, teaching workshops, curating and hanging shows and many other aspects of the day-to-day functioning of the Gallery and Art Center.

The Gallery and Art Center is located at 2200 Market Street, in the Upper Market House of the Historic Centre Market Area.

For more information please visit us on the web at:

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Artworks member, Marilyn Phillis, honored

Artworks Around Town is very proud to announce that one of our founding members, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, AWS, NWS, has been honored for her many years of service and innovation to the Ohio Watercolor Society.  At the opening of the OWS Annual Juried Exhibition on November 3rd, in Columbus, Marilyn received the Jim Brower Lifetime Achievement Award from the society which included a beautifully engraved glass plaque.

Marilyn was a founding member of the Ohio Watercolor Society and has been a board member for the past 34 years.  She recently decided to step down from that position, siting numerous personal reasons, among them, the desire to allow younger members to step in and add fresh ideas and energy to the organization.

During her long tenure with the society, Marilyn served for 6 years as its President.  One of her many accomplishments while leading the OWS was organizing a unique national seminar which attracted artists from 26 states and lasted for 7 sessions.  Of this seminar Marilyn says, “It was a great time of learning for all, and out of that, came some experiences which were times of growth for other state organizations and individual artists.”

Anyone who knows Marilyn knows that receiving such a prestigious award only begins to acknowledge the lifetime of contributions that she has made to the arts.  Congratulations Marilyn!  It is an honor to have you as a founding member of Artworks.


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