ARTWORKS around town welcomes Jes Reger for July Gallery Hop

ARTWORKS around town is proud to welcome Jes Reger to the Studio Gallery for the month of July.  The opening reception will be on Friday, July 6th, from 5:30-8 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Reger is a native of her beloved Mountain State.  She is, in her words “a nature loving watercolorist and avid bird watcher, passionate for capturing the essence of the wild and wonderful state in which she lives.”  She believes the arts are a “form of expression, communication and healing.”

Her style is fresh and free.  She paints to evoke feelings through her unformed, loose style of painting. The approach she favors is simplistic, “allowing pigment and water to flow spontaneously on paper”, giving her subjects a free spirited quality.

In 2014, Reger earned her BS in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in visual arts and creative writing.  She is currently teaching at Stifel Fine Arts Center and offering workshops and private lessons at Cat’s Paw Studio in Centre Market.

ARTWORKS around town located in the heart of historic Centre Market.  It is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization that operates a Gallery and Art Center for the benefit of the artists and general public of the region.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. except Fridays when closing is at 6 p.m.

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Pittsburgh photographer and printmaker Sergey Zlotnikov guest artist at Artworks Hop

February’s visitors to Artworks Around Town in historic Centre Market  will be treated to a stunning collection of  work by Pittsburgh based photographer and printmaker, Sergey Zlotnikov.  Artworks is honored to welcome this internationally renowned artist on Friday, February 2, in the Studio Gallery at Artworks Around Town with a free reception from 5 to 8 p.m..

Mr. Zlotnikov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1988.  He has been involved in architectural design, 3D modeling, desk top publishing and video production.  Mr Zlotnikov’s copper plate photogravures and his Platinum Palladium prints have won awards and international acclaim. In 2012 he took third prize at BIMPE  VII- Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition.  Some other venues include the 9th International Biennial of Gravure in Leige Belgium, SMTG International Print Triennial Krakow, Boston Printmakers 2013 Biennial and many more. He is an active member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh through which he is able to display many of his works nationally and internationally.  He won Best Craftsmanship at Pittsburgh’s recent Fair In The Park, which is a national artists venue.

His comprehensive study and documentation of Wheeling’s La Belle ironworks covered a period of three years from 2005-2008, while it was still in operation,  Mr. Zlotnikov was a member of a team of people who were committed to document La Belle by way of photos, interviews and videos of individuals at work, coming back on his own many times to create a meaningful body of work devoted to this unique place.  In its heyday, it was the largest Cut Nail Factory in the U.S..

According to Mr Zlotnikov, “Until its last day, the Wheeling plant was using the original cut-nail machines, designed and built in the 1850’s and 60’s.  Even though these machines were reconfigured to be run by electrical motors instead of by steam engine, all the main parts remained the same and the position of a blacksmith was essential in order to keep them running. … Despite great efforts by the owners and the workforce, it had to close its doors in 2010 and even though La Belle was on the National Register of Historic Places,…we lost the entire complex in late 2016”.

Traditional print making techniques such as copperplate photogravure and Platinum Palladium  date back to the 1850’ and 60’s.  Mr Zlotnikov comments,

“It feels entirely appropriate that such a classic, handmade time-proven technique as Platinum Palladium would be chosen as a way to show and preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the La Belle plant.”  Every print is handmade by the artist, is part of a small numbered edition and is done using precious metals.  This technique is recognized in the industry as the most archival method of printmaking. Each image is embedded in 100% handmade cotton paper with small crystals of pure Palladium metal.

His website ( contains images of his work as well as an overview in which he states “As the subject constantly eludes us, how much time do we really have to contemplate and appreciate the surroundings?  What are the products of our observations?  How does the interaction process unfolding?  In practicing the classic copper plate photogravure, I am looking for answers.  For me, the uniqueness of the process, starting as nonintrusive photography, continues as the most artist-involving.  The image has to be literally re-created, step-by-step, by hand.  The transformation is far enough from the straight photography to be liberating, yet precise in detail and spirit to allow the contemplation at observer’s own pace.”

In the North Gallery the exhibit will feature select  artwork in acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and pencil by Tim Midget, a member of the Independent Artists and an artist friend of many of us.  Tim died on June 17, 2016.

Tim was a graduate of Weirton High School, attended West Liberty State College, and was honorably discharged from the United States Army.  For 30 years he was a roller in the production plant at Weirton Steel.  On retiring, he renewed his interest in art, beginning with drawing classes at West Virginia Northern Community College.

Tim is well known in the tri-state area as an artist.  His African roots and love of jazz influenced his work.  He was also an avid reader, researcher, and “seeker of knowledge”.  He traveled to Egypt and Jamaica and participated in yoga and philosophy groups.

Tim Midget – “African Masks: Talking”

Tim Midget – “African Masks”

Artworks Around Town, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization that operates a Gallery and Art Center for the benefit of the artists and general public of the region.  Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. except Fridays when it closes at six p.m.

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Watercolor Workshop by Chris Leeper Coming to ARTWORKS

Chris demonstrating for students

ARTWORKS around town is very happy to announce that artist Chris Leeper will be presenting a 2 day watercolor workshop at ARTWORKS on November 4th and 5th.  Chris is our guest artist in the studio gallery for the month of November.  The workshop is from 10 to 4 both days.  The fee for the workshop is $200.  Check out Chris’ artwork at  The workshop is limited to 12 participants so sign up quickly.  You can sign up at ARTWORKS or contact Greg Siegwart at

Chris teaches with a fun and relaxed style.  Each day there will be demonstrations and lots of one-on-one instruction.  This workshop will focus on the process of creating a watercolor painting.  He will speak in-depth about devising a plan for success with your painting; the importance of drawing, design and brushwork; simplifying and improving color mixing (no more muddy watercolors) and how to get dynamic value relationships.

A teaching moment

Topics will include:

Technique fundamentals (Things I wish I knew 25 years ago)

The first half-hour of a painting (Make it or break it)

Values (Why value is more important than color in your painting)

Understanding basic color theory to improve color mixing (Spend more time painting and less time mixing colors)

Understanding color temperature, intensity and value (The key to becoming a color master)

Composition (If it feels right, it probably is right)

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Ohio Valley Shutterbugs “Capture” First Friday’s Gallery Hop at Artworks

Photography has often been relegated to being the stepchild of the arts. And yet of all the arts and art forms, photography is probably the most technically difficult and hardest to master. Artworks around town will be opening a show of photography by the members of the Ohio Valley Shutterbugs on Friday, September 1st. The public is invited to this opening from 5:30 to 8PM. Meeting with Artworks artists is possible at that time.

The Ohio Valley Shutterbugs meet the second and fourth Tuesday each month at Artworks in Centre Market from 6 to 8PM. This photography group may be informal, but they strive to not only create an atmosphere where group members can bring their work for discussion, but also have workshops where photographers can learn about the latest software such as Elements, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Members include a variety of people who are both amateur and professional photographers. Members Len Smith and Guilio Cappelletti, are members of Artworks as well as the Ohio Valley Shutterbugs. Patty Lish started as an amateur photographer who has turned a “hobby” into a business. Patty now does a great deal of portrait work. Her amateur photography passion is photographing nature. She spent a great deal of time and energy photographing a squirrel. She planted food in a certain area to stalk her prey and finally was able to “shoot” her prey.

Len Smith is another photographer with a completely different approach with his artistic photographs. Len has turned microphotography into a new and different world. He looks at form and structure in a scientific manner. His photographs exhibit that style. Guilio Cappelletti photographs architecture in the manner that a romantic or an abstract painter would “attack” a subject often printing his work in sepia.

The variety of photography is endless. The styles differ as much or more than most painting or other artistic style or school. Whether it’s color or black and white each photograph tells its own story, which is the criteria of any well designed and executed photograph. This show contains many interesting visual stories.

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“The Teachers’ Show” Opens at August Gallery Hop

“The Way Home” by Jes Reger

We’ll Show Them, Those that Teach, CAN, or “The Teachers’ Show” opens the First Friday of August, August 4, 2017, at Artworks around town, in the Centre Market, 2200 Market Street. Openings are from 5:30-8:00pm. This is the fifth reincarnation of this unusual show. Presented biannually, the idea of the show is to emphasize that teachers can practice what they teach. There is a false, trite and often quoted idea that states, “those that can, work, those that can’t teach.” Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels, especially in the arts.

“Portrait of Alzheimers” by Gina Judy

The arts are so personal as is the training to practice any art form. The arts are attractive to a large group of people because of their ability to soothe and calm the mind and body. When people paint, sculpt, create any art form or play an instrument, their psyche is fed and they are working on an almost meditative level that most people never reach. Time passes quickly and problems and troubles are not forgotten but are superseded by the problems of making the art form as perfect as possible to the creator. Try making a living practicing that idea and experience. Few can make a living at the arts; the rest of us relegate our practice of the arts to a hobby or enjoyable pastime.

“Silver City Birch” by Cecy Rose

The requirements for entry into this exhibition are simple. Any teacher entering the show must have taught children. In its first creation, the show was developed for teachers of elementary through high school because these teachers are thought to not be as good artists as those who teach at a college level. That’s another fallacy. Teachers working at the elementary through high school level have little to no time to work at their own art. Their job requires that they teach their pupils and then forge through a great deal of paperwork.

College level teachers usually have more time to create than do teachers on the elementary to high school level (There is probably a dispute in that statement). And so, the teachers’ show was founded for teachers who could rarely find the time to create and then had no opportunity to display their work.

“Pecking Away” by Jes Reger

The show’s focus has changed. Retired teachers (particularly art teachers) were added. Then, teachers who taught subjects other than art during their teaching careers were added. (The gourd artist who taught math, and the high school English teacher who paints.) Art is often an avocation/hobby for many. Can’t find a job teaching art? Teach chemistry or history or anything to get a job and create in what spare time that can be carved from that busy schedule.

“Graying Mood” by Gina Judy

“The Teachers’ Show” constantly expands and changes. Entries are possible from every media and by teachers from a wide geographic area. Nothing is ever sure about this show. It’s an adventure.

Artist/Teachers or former teachers who will be exhibiting, but not exclusive to include: Cecy Rose, Jes Reger, Janet Hart, Marion Stoltz, Eric Stoltz, Meg Gerosh, Gina Judy, Mary Ann Miller, Jeff Mamone, Lynne Mamone, Jeri DeLong, Bobby Priebe, Bob Sako, Lenora Turbanic, Calvin Matzke, and the exhibition’s founder, Judy Minder, and whomever turns up with art work the last week of July at Artworks.

“Wishes For Spring” by Gina Judy

It’s an adventure, it’s a show, it’s always surprising.

“Fields of Fire” by Jes Reger

In the North Gallery is student work as usual. But this student work is the result of the lessons taught by Artwork Teachers.

The students of Janet Sheehan, Pat Jacobson, Bob Sako, and Greg Siegwart will be shown for the month of August. Both shows in the Studio Gallery and the North Gallery will be displayed until the last week of August.

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“Something Old, Something New” for March 1st Friday at Artworks

“Introduction” Anne Foreman

“Something Old, Something New” the March 2017 show at Artworks around town opens on First Friday, March 3, at the Centre Market Studio Gallery. The show is open to the public from 5:30 to 8PM.
The title of this show came from the musing of one of the participating artists and longtime member of Artworks, Anne Hazlett Foreman. Exhibiting along with Foreman is another longtime member of Artworks, Lenora Turbanic. The new artist on the scene is Jes Reger, a young watercolorist.

“Gold Finch” Lenora Turbanic

Lenora Turbanic also works in watercolor but in a different style than Jes. While Jes’s work is mainly a loose wet style with details in a more detailed dry style. Lenora’s watercolor work is mainly a more controlled style emphasizing watercolor’s delicacy and softness. Anne has painted in watercolor, but has worked more in oil and acrylic lately.

Anne is well known for her portraits of Early American re-enactors and many of her ancestors. She has joking said, “I’ve sold my grandparents, my parents, my uncles and my cousins to complete strangers.” Most of those paintings have depicted her family years ago in nostalgic scenes. Anne has also created murals of the history of Wheeling for Wilson Lodge at Oglebay Park and at the Centre Market in the Artworks Gallery. Some newer paintings of Anne’s portray her young grandchildren. Anne is know locally for her numerous paintings of dogs. Her animal paintings have memorialize a number of local well loved dogs as well as her own Newfoundlands and her favorite pug, Tank.

“Orange Rose” Jes Reger

Lenora has painted a variety of animals as well, along with numerous scenes of flowers and flower gardens. She has painted chimps and giraffes, cats and birds, and a good many trees in landscape scenes. Lenora has taught watercolor for years in private and small group lessons to children and adults. “To see a student’s face light up when looking at something they painted, Lenora remarked, is the reward of teaching watercolor painting.” Why does Lenora paint? “I paint when it becomes too painful not to”, paraphrased from the book ART AND FEAR. That remark will resonate with many

“Rose’s Magic” Anne Foreman

an artistic person or lover of the arts.
Jes is just getting her “feet wet” in the exhibiting of her art work. A recent graduate of WLU she is an art instructor at both the Oglebay Institute Stifel Fine Arts Center and the Anchor after school program at Madison School. She has recently begun instructing workshops in watercolor at The Cat’s Paw Studio. This show is her first exhibition with so few artists. While Jes finds her art as a form of expression, many of her pieces of artwork have a mystical dreamy unformed quality to them. She paints things that make her smile and has “a passion for capturing the essence and beauty of the world around her”. Her paintings have a spontaneous quality that defies definition.

“Mike’s Pond” Lenora Turbanic

This show will be new work from the “older artists” as well as new work from the “new artist”. It will be a treat to the eye and imagination of the viewer who finishes every work of art in their mind and eye.

“Bandit” Jes Reger

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February Gallery Hop at Artworks features “Local Watercolor Masters”

Egrets Waters Edge – Rettig

“Local Watercolor Masters” is the featured show for February 2017 in the Studio Gallery at ARTWORKS around town. It has been curated by a watercolor instructor and artist at Artworks, Wheeling attorney, Janet Sheehan. All First Friday shows at Artworks are at the Centre Market Gallery, 2200 Market Street, from 5:30 to 8:00pm. The public is invited to come and browse the galleries and see the three new shows. In the North Gallery, the “Friends and Family” show will be displayed along with a fresh grouping in the North Corner Project.
Janet Sheehan, the curator for this show is also one of the participants along with two other Janets, who are also watercolor painters, Janet Hart and Janet Rodriguez. Joining the three are Jennie Siebert and Bill Rettig. This show features a variety of ways watercolor can be used to create some exceptionally skillful and beautiful artwork.
Watercolor has a firm and extensive artistic following in theWheeling area. Exceptional local watercolor instructors and visiting workshop presenters have been enthusiastically received in this area. For many years Janet Rodriguez and Bill Rettig both taught watercolor painting at Artworks and at the Stifel Fine Arts Center.

Geranium – Hart

Janet Sheehan now teaches watercolor at Artworks. Janet Hart is a watercolorist and pen and ink artist designing a number of well know greeting cards of Wheeling’s Victorian architecture and of the Centre Market. Jennie Seibert, well known as a local realtor is a creator of many “wet watercolor” works using techniques she learned from local watercolor instructors Kathy Thompson, Janet Rodriguez and Bill Rettig. Jennie is an excellent example of what a serious local watercolor student can create studying with our Wheeling area watercolor instructors. Bill Rettig, transplanted master watercolor teacher from Pennsylvania, has taught watercolor techniques at Artworks, the Stifel Center and in many local workshops. He is a proficient creator of works shown in corporate and home venues in the area and outside.
These five area watercolorists create a show of varied ways that watercolor can be used to

Untitled – Seibert

create atmospheric pieces that exhibit the spectrum from “dry work” to “wet work”. Dry work is detailed and exacting and usually opaque. Wet work uses the technique of floating watercolor pigment in a prearranged but not precise pool of water. It’s a tricky way of creating artwork. It’s also chancy in that sometimes the intended result is not what the artist was working towards. That’s the beauty and fun of creating any artwork. Each piece of artwork has a life of its own. The artist may begin with one intension and the finished product may not be what the artist intended but a completely different product which the art work itself has decided to become.

Blue Herron – Sheehan

Each artist has their specific reason for using watercolor. They love the color, the movement, the idea that it doesn’t take that much equipment, it isn’t “messy” like oils or pastels. Janet Hart even loves the “wet dog” smell of wet Arches watercolor paper.
Wheeling has some skilled painters and artists. LOCAL WATERCOLOR MASTERS is showcasing five of the best in the field of watercolor.

Falling Waters – Rettig

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“All” Member Show Opens As January Gallery Hop

On the First Friday of the New Year, January 6, 2017, artist members of Artworks Around Town at the Centre Market will be showing their newest work. Rarely do so many artists show their work together in any gallery setting.

Artworks Around Town, art cooperative, gallery and gift shop in the Centre Market in Wheeling has been in existence since 1998. Still there are people in the local area who have no idea this organization exists.

This unusual cooperative artist’s group is the only one left from over 30 originally formed artist cooperatives in the state of West Virginia in the 1980s and 1990s. Up until earlier last year there was still one more artist’s cooperative in Davis, WV. Now Artworks is the sole survivor of those cooperatives.

The group of artist members of Artworks are from diverse backgrounds. Few members are ever full time artists; they always have “day jobs”. It’s difficult to survive as a full time artist. Artworks members include teachers, a psychologist, an accountant, a nurse, a beautician, a lawyer, a computer expert, a maintenance supervisor, a manager of a health department, an electrician, and a carpenter by trade. That’s only naming a few of the actual professions of the present 28 members of Artworks.

Visitors to the gallery in the Centre Market are always astounded by the variety and quality of the artists’ work

displayed in the organization’s space in the upper house of the Centre Market. In the gallery space, the visitor will find paintings in oil, watercolor, and acrylic in genres of abstract, realism, and surrealism, photographs, gourd art, carvings of birds, horses, pottery both artistic and household useful, fiber art in silk and knitted, wall tiles, collages, stained glass works, jewelry designed and crafted by member artists. There is more, but visitors are encouraged to seek out artistic surprises for themselves in the gallery space.

This year two small sitting areas were added to the gallery along with an extensive library   of art books which can be read by visitors.  There is also a small gift shop among all the other areas for browsing.This coming First Friday on January 6th, gallery hop visitors will be able to view the newest, the latest, or work never shown before by Artwork’s member artists. It’s an unusual situation and a show well worth a visit.

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November Gallery Hop features the “Mixed Media” of Ed Doughty

Carved Cardinal

Carved Cardinal

Ed Doughty is a multi-media artist and craftsman.  From building houses to creating tiny carved walnut baskets, Ed’s skill as an artist, carpenter, cabinet maker, and wood carver is as varied as it is phenomenal.  On Friday, November 4, 2016, his solo show opens at ARTWORKS around town at the Centre Market.  As part of Wheeling’s First Friday celebration, Ed’s show, “Mixed Media” will be open from 5:30 to 8:00 and continue through the month of November.

Carvings of large and small historically and detail accurate items is one of Ed’s specialties. His newest series is his hand carved collection of spinning wheels.  Each spinning wheel has been researched and is accurate in every detail.  Another, small in size, carved collection is of authentically researched, once again, Viking weapons.

River Plant

River Plant

Ed’s expertise in carving ranges from hand carved vintage trains and fire engines, historical scenes of Civil War cannonade groups to carved horses and saddles.  His newest carving adventures have been in creating realistically carved birds.  Taking lessons from another Artworks member, Susan Dorsch, Ed, in his retirement, is learning and researching.  Susan generously agreed to tutor Ed in carving realistic birds.  Several of the birds from Susan’s lessons will be part of the exhibit.
Ed’s acrylic paintings of great detail will also be part of this show.  All new works of local landmarks including the Pike Island Dam and Lock will be on display.  Ed’s acrylic paintings are almost photographic in detail.

Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels

His paintings and carvings include a monumental 14 foot model of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, (currently at the Underground Railroad Museum in Flushing, Ohio), his historically accurate trains, wagons, and carriages with their horses have been displayed lately at Towngate Theatre in Wheeling, the Underground Railroad Museum in Flushing, the Delf Norona Museum in Moundsville, the Monroe Art Center in Woodsfield, and the Bellaire City Library.  His newest award was from the Steubenville Art Association for his “ Sammis Lock and Barge” painting adding to his long list of awards and shows.  His 14 foot Wheeling Suspension Bridge toured the state of West Virginia for over a year under the auspices of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

River Locks

River Locks

Ed still resides in Martins Ferry with his wife, Helen, painting in the winter months and carving in the warmer months.  Be sure that Ed is already researching a new skill or subject area for his ever curious mind and artistic skill to conquer or expand.

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July Gallery Hop to feature hometown artist Janet Sheehan

Blue Herron (Mixed Media)

Blue Herron (Mixed Media)

Multi-talented watercolor artist, Janet Sheehan, is the featured artist at ARTWORKS around town for the month of July 2016. Opening on First Friday, July 1st, from 5:30-8:00PM, this show at Centre Market, 2200 Market Street is open to the public. Refreshments are always part of the opening.

Janet Sheehan is known as a lawyer and teacher, but her passion is for painting and drawing. As a child and an adult, she has always been drawn to the love of the natural world, which she portrays in her watercolor and colored pencil renderings. “Birds, animals, flowers and scenic views are all equally likely to capture my attention”, confesses the artist. Starting at the age of 14 Janet began her artistic studies with the Art Instruction Schools of America. Furthering her education at the University of Massachusetts-Boston and the University of Pittsburgh, Janet continued to keep up with her art education as well as her law studies. She took undergraduate courses in commercial art, modern art, and art history.

Wild Orchids (Watercolor)

Wild Orchids (Watercolor)

After practicing law and raising a family, Janet continued her art education with local instructors including Janet Rodriguez, Bill Rettig for watercolor and Bev Beatty for colored pencil studies. Once she became more confident with her artistic skills she began to teach watercolor at ARTWORKS around town. She also is the chair of the “Painting with Patients” outreach program of ARTWORKS to the patients of the Bishop Hodges Continuous Care Center.

Janet is an artist member of ARTWORKS, a juried member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society and a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. In the All Members Show of the West Virginia Watercolor Society recently, Janet received a coveted Merit Award.   Her work has been in many regional shows and is owned by private individuals and corporations across the United States.

White Rooster (Colored Pencil)

White Rooster (Colored Pencil)

Janet wants her work to spotlight “the beautiful, noble, and uplifting in nature and life, often focusing on images that might otherwise be overlooked.” She hopes to communicate her artistic feeling to the viewer through her images.

Her works will be on display in the Studio Gallery of ARTWORKS for the month of July.

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